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PinGismo - "PingoS Grundkurs im Schreiben motorisch orientiert"


...will be a program to help children to develop their fine motor skills. It is part of the German PingoS project, a project for free support of Linux at schools. The idea of PinGismo is as follows:

In German elementary schools there are some kind of worksheets for children to help them in learning to write letters or numbers. On the worksheets for mathematics, for instance, there are some kind of frames of the numbers, and the children have to draw some lines inside these frames, so learning the motions needed to write a number. But we think that there is a disadvantage with these sheets: They are not really interactive. If a children misunderstands the task, and for instance just paints the frame or moves the pen in the wrong direction, there will be no improvement in the child's psychomotor skills.

In our opinion here the possibilities of a computer program could be very helpful. With such a program (some kind of "intelligent tutor ") one could watch the motions of a electronic pen (or a mouse in the first version) and give hints/help if the motions are not as expected, the pointer leaves the frame and so on.


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